Monday, 6 October 2014

Work has carried on the with timber for 17464, The back of the cabin has been completed as well as repositioning the end roof hoop forward so the planks can fit behind .  Originally we did not order the timber for the cabin door end but it was discovered we have had several off cutes from the sides left over which has allowed us to construct 50% of this end.  The hinges have arrived and are currently being machined for the doors, we cannot fit any more timber until theses are fitted. 

Painting of the chassis has carried on, so far the steel panels on the “up” side have been top coated when time allows, also the vacuum dummies have been fitted.

For a while it has been known the vacuum cylinders on 2 of the box vans were not holding the vacuum for the required time, a program of vacuum cylinder overhaul has commenced, last weekend one was completed and tested awaiting fitting before the gala.  This years end of season gala subject to availability should have with us 5521, 42xx 4270, Beattie well tank 35085, the group has been asked to provide a long heavy freight!

For the 1940s weekend the wagon department provided 2 freight trains 1x pre grouping “ammunition train” and 1 x van train, the picture shows the “ammunition train” at Avon Riverside with 5521. 

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looking good Oliver & Gang!