Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Progress over the last month or so has slowed down due to a few of the team having their summer holidays.  A number of small jobs have been done but not really news worthy.  Last Tuesday and today we have cracked on the with vacuum pipe.  2x new GWR swan necks have had a 2” bsp thread cut in them.  We have replaced the missing middle pipe that runs between the brake valve T section and the Oldland end, this required bending 2 x 45 degree bends in the pipe to join both ends.

Wood work wise today (09/09/14) John and Martin cracked on with the Oldland end wall.  The old frames have been assembled temporally and are going to be repaired in due course.

Dave and Bob have started undercoating the running side, hopefully this will be top coated very soon.  Dave has also undercoated the fully completed hand rails. 

Andy has made a replacement hook used for securing the screw couplings to the chassis preventing them being caught on anything when the van is in service.  The picture shows the original one and new one

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