Monday, 4 August 2014

Work is progressing on 17464 at a steady speed now, the double skin timber sides are nearly finished and awaiting fitting the last 3 planks each side after this the ends can be started.   Due to hardwood window frames being damaged these are going to be replaced. 

The vacuum cylinder is now at the Severn Valley being overhauled.

The hand rails both side are nearly completed just the finishing touches on the veranda end to complete

Hopefully now the sides nearly completed we can make a start on painting the top coat and sign wiring it out when the weather permits.


HowardGWR said...

Great work. How will you source and make the roof?

Avon Valley Railway Wagon Department said...

Hello HowardGWR, The plan is to finish the ends and sides completely before tackling the roof, the next timber order will include all the roof planks. These are the same as the sides with a grove on both sides with a flexible tong that goes between each plank. When they are all fitted and no edges on them we will canvas the roof the same as 68784.