Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The draw gear has now been finished and fully fitted, Andy has made new pins and the holding bars between the draw bars and hooks. 

We are currently looking at the vacuum pipe, we have several bits but unfortunately the bit from the setter pipe to the Oldland end is missing so we will have to bend a new one and connect it up.  The vacuum cylinder is about to be sent away for overhaul.  So far the bits we got have been panted and are temporally fitted.  We have 2 brand new swan necks but unfortunately they need to have a thread cut in them which is causing a bit of a head ache.

Since the timber has arrived Martin and Jon have been carefully measuring and cutting it to size, they have put a chamfer down one edge of the outer planks to allow rain water to drain off and not get trapped in the joints.  After a few days of preparing they have fitted most of the Down side.


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