Sunday, 22 June 2014

Since 17464 has been re-wheeled we have fitted all the overhauled brake gear.  16 x 1 inch bolts have been turned down as the originals were life expired, hopefully in the next few weeks we can drill the holes for the split pins and finish the job.  8x new brake blocks have been fitted, all of the brake work so far has just been hung to make sure it fits, final adjustments will be made when A, more weight is added to the toad so the veranda bows can be linked up and B,  the vacuum cylinder and hand brake are fitted. 

The protector plate to stop the screw coupling coming into contact with the brake gear on the veranda end has been drilled and fitted. The cabin end seat plate has been fitted, drilled and 2 holes taped. 

Hopefully the timber should arrive this week so we can get on with installing the sides and end.

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