Sunday, 1 June 2014

Over the last few weeks we have been preparing re wheeling the toad.  With the axle boxes assembled it was decided this weekend to have a final push at re wheeling.  The toad was jacked up in a sea saw manner to allow it to be packed up high enough to wheel the wheel sets under.  Once done it was let down on the wheels.  This took several hours due to having one 30 ton hydraulic jack available.  Next is to have a major tidy up, carry on with the hand rails and start the side timbers.
Bath end wheel set 
Oldland end wheel set 
The correct height to wheel the wheel sets under


Finally down on the springs 


HowardGWR said...

Congratulations - I keep looking, so it's good to see progress. I seem to be the only commenter, but do you have an idea how many visits you get to the blog?

Avon Valley Railway Wagon Department said...

Thanks Howard GWR, it’s going to be the long slog now to do the timber work and repairing / re making the brake bits that have been lost from the previous owner.

Looking at the stats from the site, I get about 600 views a month mostly from National Preservation as that’s the only place I put an update status. If you know any other railway forums that could be interested feel free to make a link to them when I update the site. It seems you’re the only one that comments here but I have had a few emails from other railways (few being the bigger ones) asking for advice etc about the comprehensive jobs we have done to the wagons at Bitton.

Nick said...

Hello Ollie
I have been updating the GWR website until recently..... Left with an iPad at present. Will advertise your blog thru the SVR Forum and Wsr forum

Many thanks

GWR 813 fund