Wednesday, 7 May 2014

This week we have managed to finish the floor, the planks under where the vacuum cylinder goes have had to be rebated and fitted taking more time than the rest.  As you can see all required now is to fit the cylinder when it’s been overhauled. 

Andy has finished two of the repaired axle boxes.  We trial fitted one to make sure it fits in the horn guides using a jack to push it up, we can say it’s a good fit.  All required now is to grind the excess metal off the plates to blend them into the boxes and paint.

Last week we got a few of the wooden window frames and doors out to the stores van.   As you can see some are very time expired but we can use them as a pattern to make new when the time comes.  Some of the old timber can be reused but most will be new.  Hopefully the side / end planks will be ordered very shortly.



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