Friday, 5 December 2014

Over the last month we have re started on the BR STD brake van, all the step boards and brackets have been removed.  The STD has had 90 rivets put into the ballast boxes on the ends, 2 coats of sealant paint and the 4 new corner plates welded into place.  The next stage is to fill the boxes with the old ballast then concrete over the top.  With this done we have a working platform to start rebuilding the bottom frame when the toad has been completed. 
Painting has carried on the toad inside and out, the inside had had 1 top coat showing the finished colour of chocolate and cream.  When it’s finally completed inside we shall apply the 2nd coat.  The hinges are progressing for the door, we have temporally removed the wall to allow these to be fitted in the coming weeks. 
The 2 cabin sander cheek plates have been fitted, these will need to be trimmed when the sanding boxes are finally fitted.


HowardGWR said...

See 4th photo - what are those 'inlets' for please?

Avon Valley Railway Wagon Department said...

HowardGWR , the inlets are to allow 2x 5/8 bolts to go through into the hardwood bottom frame, there is an L section plate that secures the main beam with the internal beam that runs across the chassis to the other side.

thewagonstore said...

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