Monday, 12 February 2018

Just a quick update of what’s been happening 

We have been successful in getting the Aviva grant we submitted for last year, we should have 5k in the funds very soon.

We have been finishing off all the little jobs on the frame recently, fitting the door bars, lamp brackets and all the tie bars that hold the frame to the chassis.  Now we have the grant we should be ordering the timber for the roof and sides very shortly making the van water tight. 

The Bath end wheel set has been put back under the van, the chassis in this area has been fully painted and overhauled brake gear re assembled.

We are currently experimenting making the roof hoops out of laminated ply as can be seen in the photos below, so far so good

Keith and Dave have been busy repairing the spring hangers, so far one has been thread cut, the reason this work is taking a while is a few are bent and after building up with weld they need to be straightened before thread cutting.

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HowardGWR said...

Well done on getting the grant. Lack of comment does not mean we are not grateful for news, I'm sure.