Sunday, 16 July 2017

Not a great deal of visual items to report for the last few months, we are still continuing to build the frame on the STD, most of the big joints are now completed.  The cabin door / window frames are now being constructed.  When this is done we plan to take it all apart again and using the router put all the chamfers on the edges and cut the cut outs for the cladding to go into.  We have also jacked up the van and removed one of the wheels sets for inspection and a clean-up. 

All the brake gear on the Bath end has been removed and is being overhauled / cleaned up.  I did visit another railway recently to take some photos of the vacuum brake system that long term we are going to make / reinstate on the STD Brake.

Another job that’s cropped up is, it seems some very nice person has removed the large toad door key from the good shed and either lost it or has forgotten to return it so a new one needs to be made very shortly if it’s not returned!
I should have some photos later this week (16.07.17) to show what has been happening.

Axle boxes after being cleaned

Worn shims

Frame so far

Cleaned and primed wheel set

Very rusted old shim

Cleaned horn guides, awaiting to be painted

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