Thursday, 16 February 2017


Due to other commitments over the last year I have not had enough time to carry on with the wagon blog but hopefully now I can get a few updates in every month

GW toad 17464 is 99% complete, all that is required now is installing the new guard’s seat when it arrives, it’s been out on a few runs and no faults have arisen yet.

The Br STD is continuing at a pace, all the timber is being replaced including the hard wood frames, so far the floor beams,   main beams have been completed and fitted.  We are currently fitting the upper roof frame at present.  All timber work joints are being reproduced as they were on the original van therefore taking sometime.  Photos speak lounder than words so here are a few below.

New hand brake nut

17464 Test run

Brake van rides on the volunteers open day

GWR 813 Fund Toads 68784 and 17464 on the volunteers open day brake van rides, 68784 is rather tired now and will be subject to the same restoration that 17464 had in the next few years time


17464 Stored in the sidings

Finished Sign writing

New hardwood frame progressing on the STD

Old frame on the BR brake

New Top beam progressing, joints being cut

68784s damaged door,

Door half apart, due to swelling and damage to the door we are going to need to make a new one, some of the timber has split and is rotten

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Great to see this blog back again,, thanks.