Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The sanding gear has now nearly been completed, the Oldland end has been connected up after the new pipe was bent and the large hole drilled through the wall to allow the operating handle to be attached.  Andy has machined 2 new sockets to allow each end of the pipe to be attached to the operating handle and existing brackets.  The large hole where the pipe goes through the wall will need to be opened up slightly as when the operating handle is just over half way open the pipe rubs the wall timber, then the last plate and bracket can be attached.

The timber for the roof, window frames and last reaming bits of the wall have arrived.  Martin has made a start on the wall ends.

Dave Brooks has nearly finished replacing the worn brake pins and Keith has started on the hand brake.  The hand brake bar was bent in several places, it’s now been straightened and the 2 start square nut should be started soon.

A major step forward was made on Monday when 17464 was moved side wards on to the “system”  This was not planed but with thanks to the wagon team, Marcus, Andy Gay, and John this was achieved in 6 hrs.  Also thanks to Carl from the 4F (44123) group allowing us to borrow 2 of their large ratchets.

The next stage is to get 17464 in the shed and start the roof.

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