Saturday, 12 April 2014

Over the last few weeks we have been fitting the floor timbers, this has taken time due each timber having to have each end recessed to avoid hitting the rivet heads so they can fit flat against the chassis, as you can see 95% is completed all we need to fit now is under the vacuum cylinder end.

The cabin sides have been given a top coat of brown, the plan is to 2nd coat it when the floor has been completed. 

The axle boxes are coming along, all have been machined and new inserts are being made to make up the wear, these will be screwed to the boxes and machined to suite each horn guild.  All the horn guide faces have now been grinded flat.

The castings for the sand box bottoms have been cast and machined awaiting fitting when the plugs are completed.
Ground horn guides

Packed up waiting to be jacked up higher to allow fitting of the wheel sets when axle boxes are completed

Veranda timber

Cabin end

New casting

Fitted awaiting sand box tops

Axle boxes sleeves awaiting screwing and final machining


HowardGWR said...

At last, I was getting withdrawal symptoms! Seriously this is some very fine work and do keep us informed. It will improve donations (about which I am in correspondence with your society).

You need a 'donate' button here that takes the viewer to a gift-aided facility so that income tax is reclaimed making it extra.

If you look at the 4709 web site you will see what I mean. Excuse the public advice, but this is hugely important if you want to get the the donations rolling.

Avon Valley Railway Wagon Department said...

HowardGWR, thanks for your latest posting. I aim to get the site updated about once a month but this depends on what time I have. At the present time a lot is happening but not very much visual progress, give it about 3 months everything will come together.
Long term I will be looking at getting a proper website up together this may include a donate tab. In the mean time if anyone wishes to make a donation contact me here and I will forward the relevant address mainly to the GWR 813 Fund or the Avon Valley Railway Heritage trust but please mark it which project the donation is intended for.