Sunday, 16 February 2014

Over the last few weeks we have steam bent all but one of roof hoops, the last one was steamed but snapped so we are awaiting a replacement length of ash.  The toad has now been covered in a tarpaulin so we can carry on painting the chassis inside, so far most of the veranda is in top coat.  The floor has been ordered and when arrives will be fitted ASAP.  The veranda end sanders have been bought down out of storage ready to be fitted, unfortunately as with most things on the toad the previous owner striped everything bare and lost several items, the latest two items are the cast flanges and the plug bars that when lifted release the sand down the pipe.  Thankfully we have one as a pattern and are getting 3 new ones machined at the moment, when these are finished the sanders can be fitted.  The axle boxes are presently being prepared to be machined, when this is completed we plan to plate the wear on the horn faces. 
Before steam bending

2 lengths of ash in the steam box

Matt undercoating the sand box pockets

Sand box tops while being painted, they have been fully overhauled

Sand box bottoms where the sand goes




HowardGWR said...

I thought I'd continue my questions about capping bolts here from previous thread. Is it not so that the GW Opens have diagonal strengthening bars, so would not need such a measure as you adopted for the MR open?

HowardGWR said...

I forgot to add that this Toad will be the most handsome animal that ever existed. You'll have to 'weather' it a bit like the modellers!

Avon Valley Railway Wagon Department said...

Yes you’re correct the GW opens have diagonal bars that go from the bottom of the curb rail next to the door to the top of the corner cheek. The reason I am thinking about putting the bolts down is not for strength but to try and limit the movement of the timber. So far the timber sides on the Midland have not moved. With all the wagon restorations I try to do them to the highest standard possible, this saves a lot of time in the future. 10931 was out shopped about 9 years ago and so far except general running maintenance has not been touched.

HowardGWR said...

Thanks very much, the only response to that is the modern phrase "Respect bruv'! Wow!