Wednesday, 4 December 2013


With the assistance of Jon and Marcus, over the last 2 months we have been concentrating on riveting the toad together, so far the entire cabin end has been completed and 80% of the veranda end. 


A month ago we experimented in steam bending a 2x2” ash roof hoop.  The 1st attempt was 90% successful but after a few modifications to the jig and constructing a steam box today we successfully bent another,  2 down 5 to go. 


The cabin end ballast and sand box holders have been constructed and waiting riveting.  We are currently building the veranda end sand boxes but since the previous owner striped them most parts have been lost over the years before reaching Bitton.  Luckily a visit to the SVR and Didcot for a few measurements and photographs have helped

All 4 new springs have been fitted, we are aiming to get the wheels back under during February at some point hopefully.

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